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Our Board

Shown at left is the Texoma Youth Camp, Inc. Board of Directors signing a new 25-year lease with the Army Corp of Engineers.

Twenty-five years is the longest lease the Corp makes available, and it signifies the Corp’s belief that Texoma Youth Camp, Inc. has been a good steward of the land and a benefit to the citizens of Texas.

The Texoma Youth Camp, Inc. Board of Directors consists of individuals who are passionate about children and their spiritual and emotional well-being. All directors are volunteers who donate time and energy to making Texoma Youth Camp a great place for kids and family. (Not pictured: Susan Patten, Bart Respondek, Alan Green and Tim Havens)

Texoma Youth Camp, Inc. Board of Directors
(as of April 2011)
President : Doug Crow
Vice President : Bart Respondek
Secretary : Susan Patten
Treasurer : David Byrnes
Micah Bellow, Roy Cox, Tim Havens,
Barry Owens, Joel Porter, Tom Taylor.

~ ~ ~
Past Presidents : Tim Havens, Tom Taylor, Bob Harris, Bill Minick
~ ~ ~
Directors are elected to staggered 3-year terms.
Board meetings are held 4-5 times per year.
The TYC Annual Meeting is held in the 4th quarter of
each year.