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Girl’s Dorm

The girl’s dorm sleeps seventy - if that’s what you call what they do - “sleep.” More often than not, they talk and giggle, spinning tales about boys and fashion and Ipods and text messaging. Fortunately, the dorm is equiped with central air and heat - it makes all that “sleep” more enjoyable.

That wasn’t the case very long ago. For most of the camp’s history, the only moving air was generated by nature and/or electric fans (and the aforementioned giggling). But today, both dorms are fully equipped for comfort and relaxation.

Sleeping arrangements are bunk-beds with comfortable mattresses. Linens and pillows are not provided, so be sure to bring your own.

The girl’s dorm has two sections - each with a bathroom. The bathrooms are large with multiple showers and plenty of countertop space. Some smaller groups only rent this dorm and put the girls on one side - and the boys on the other.

And the girl’s dorm is closer to the Dining Hall than the boys - but the boys seem to get to breakfast just as fast. Will wonders never cease?