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Boy’s Dorm

The boys dorm has quite a history. For years, it was a big screened-in porch with bunk beds. Every passing boat and every foraging, nocturnal animal was clearly audible through the night. But not now!

The dorm, which sleeps fifty-six campers in bunk beds, is enclosed and is equiped with central air and heat. TYC provides comfortable mattresses - but not linens and pillows, so be sure to bring your own.

The bathroom has two sections, each with multiple showers and enough countertop space for those who choose to brush their teeth (hopefully most).

Many campers never see the showers, however, thinking that swimming in the lake each day is sufficient. (Sounds like a parental issue to me). Still, we do our best to encourage hygiene, as well as values and manners.

Boys will be boys, you know.