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Dining Hall/Kitchen

The Dining Hall is usually the busiest building at the camp. Cooks are meticulously preparing food. Kids are milling around, just waiting to get a hold of that food. And those who just want to get out of the weather sit around, visiting or playing cards or sneaking a snack.

The commercial kitchen is well equipped - and capable of preparing food for lots of hungry campers. The seating area can accommodate up to 120 (as long as they
are willing to sit close).

There is plenty of serving space, with commercial refrigerators and freezers in a secure food storage area.

The room next to the kitchen serves as utility room and dry storage. It is equipped with a washer and dryer. (It may be a camp, but everyone needs some clean clothes every now and then.)

And the nurse’s station is located in this building, as well.

Currently, the Dining Hall serves double duty as the large, indoor, air conditioned classroom. Of course, many camps use multiple outdoor “classroom” sites spread throughout the grounds. But it is nice to have a place to come in and get out of the rain - or away from the summer heat.