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No other aspect of camp says “Texoma Youth Camp” like the pavilion. Ask any former camper for their fondest memory, and the pavilion will be mentioned somewhere in their answer.

Most camps designate the pavilion as “camp central.” They use the covered, open-air building for large gatherings, intimate devotionals, roof-raising songfests, and scary movie watching.

The pavilion has a canteen on one end - with sleeping for six and a bathroom. But be forewarned, this is true camping, Texoma-style (no air-conditioning). But there are ping pong tables and many a night has seen a heated tournament progress past “lights out.”

And no one ever forgets the old church pews. Don’t know where they came from, but I know they’re not missing them. The pavilion has seating for 100+ people. (The colder it is outside, the more people we can fit into the pavilion. Go figure.)

Despite the fact that the pavilion could probably qualify for a historical marker, it is the focus of so many wonderful memories of past campers. Come and make some memories of your own.

Just watch out for splinters.