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Athletics & Recreation

The TYC athletic fields provide plenty of activities and fun.

The soccer/football field hosts many afternoon games of rather heated running-up-and-down the field, kicking or throwing a ball. It’s enough to make one perspire just watching. Of course, kids never seem to run out of energy - or creative ways to interpret the rules.

The sound of an aluminum “clink” can often be heard on the baseball/softball diamond. “Batter, batter” and “throw it to second” echo thru the air. And when those games lose their luster, kickball enthusiasts are always raring to go. Thank goodness for the backstop - it sure saves a lot of time retrieving of the ball.

The lighted sand volleyball court gets a lot of play as well. Invariably, the campers want to challenge the counselors. And the counselors always foolishly say, “OK.” It’s not that the counselors don’t sometimes win - it’s just that they can’t get out of bed the next morning.

And there is a lighted basketball court for those more inclined toward hoops. This is really where the grind of full-court leaves one panting for air. Fortunately, there is always an Igloo full of ice-cold Gatoraide close by.

Add to all of this: horseshoes, and shuffleboard - the tetherball standard - ping pong tables - the nature trail - an outdoor chapel area - a lakeside amphitheater…oh, the list goes on and on. Trust me, there’s plenty to do.

“Hey, anybody up for a game of broom-ball?”